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Ahmed Nashabe

After completing a Degree in Animation, I started work at Liquid Creative Studios in Brisbane, as a Generalist. Building two solid years of creative and technical experience, I worked on a high end Disney television series, which involved creating over a dozen new characters and props every week from concept art, and overlooked by pixel perfect art direction, and ready for animation and delivery by the end of each week. Towards the end of my time at Liquid, I inherited the role of Lead Rigger and Assistant TD, accompanied by my role as a Generalist.

I then decided to pack up and move on to other opportunities in a different city, moving to Sydney to work as the Lead Graphics guy on the ABC2 comedy news segment, The Roast. Here I was designated the role to recreate the entire look and feel of the show; starting from creating the title sequence, and moving on to recreating all graphical elements of the show. During the shows On Air production as a daily show, the animations and visual effects shots needed to be completed within extremely tight deadlines, and were different each day according to the script.

Ideally, my goal is to get involved in high end projects, such as features films, commercials, etc. to work on creative and fun projects that challenge both my technical and artistic talents, and provide clients and employers the best of my abilities and work ethics.



3D Animation
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design

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